Latitude is the first Service Management Software of it’s kind designed from both ends of the transaction! Latitude offers full transaction processing starting from the Vendor side and extending all the way to the Customer side. Customers can open work orders and assign them to vendors, Vendors complete the work order and send the invoice back to the Customer all inside Latitude.

Asset Management
Manage Equipment, move equipment to new locations, record costs associated with equipment, Barcode tracking
Recurring Maintenance
Schedule permits for Alarms, Inspections, preventative maintenance on HVAC, filter changes, and much more
Equipment History
View past service orders by equipment, view total maintenance costs per asset, track problem frequency

Latitude Service Management was designed for multiple industries that need to track the service on equipment at multiple locations ranging from Restaurants, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Management, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Suppression, Electricians, and 100’s more service providers.

Designed for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile, Latitude Service Management allows field techs to open a new service order, complete all of the details, close it and send the invoice while on-site at the customer! Customers can manage all of their locations in the field, barcode scan an equipment to open a new service order and assign it to a vendor, then checkup on the progress from their desktop at their office.

With full sets of permissions on both the Customer Portal and Vendor Portal, it’s easy to give different users permissions to just their location or even just read-only for their location, while still able to give District level users permissions full permissions to multiple locations. Vendors can manage their users just as easily to give certain employees permissions to open, edit and close service orders or just to work on their service orders while giving the back-office full permissions to everything.

Communication between Customers & Vendors has never been easier. Leave notes on service orders that are visible to both Customers & Vendors or keep the notes private just for your organization.

Full Order Lifecycle is built directly into Latitude. Vendors can create Quotes, turn them into Service Orders, complete and invoice it! Keep track of non-billable cases as well using Latitude Ticketing system. Vendors can log short support calls as less formal Tickets to keep maintain history for their customers and equipment.